Mediterranean inspiration at Sun Grand City New An Thoi

Sun Grand City New An Thoi urban area is designed to be inspired by the Mediterranean in every townhouse, road, square, park …

Sound of the Mediterranean in the sea urban

Sprawling Mediterranean images often appear in Hollywood movies. With many similarities in the warm and sunny climate all year round, the Mediterranean architecture is being reimagined in the first urban area on Phu Quoc Island – Sun Grand City New An Thoi.

Residents and visitors will experience tropical colors such as warm Italian terracotta Terra, blue from the Caribbean’s warm waves, pale yellow reminiscent of sunbaths on the streets. Southern Europe … All intertwined, exquisite combination, giving residents comfort and closeness to nature – which is the “soul” of Mediterranean architecture.

Every corner of the street, the paved walkways in the square to the plants in the park system are inspired by the Mediterranean. The most outstanding is the Seta square – where the sound of nature is always bustling. Inspired by Piazza della Scala in the center of Milan (Italy), the park is like a harmony of “melodies” of wind, trees and birds. In a large, delicate space with idols of the Apolo era, surrounded by fountains and domed huts, residents and tourists will enjoy the typical dances of the Mediterranean, or mingle with vibrant outdoor festivals.

After the exciting atmosphere of the dance on Seta Square, Riva Park – where the sky and the ocean are in harmony will bring a romantic retreat. Visitors will encounter the image of the green canal, the freshly covered tree troughs, with the sound of the Magna Graecia grape field of the famous Amalfi land.

Not stopping at the lush Mediterranean vegetation, Sun Grand City New An Thoi also recreates the lush fruit garden of the fresh Amalfi land, surrounded by impressive dome houses at the park. Limoni.

The final destination in the Mediterranean journey is Pino Park – the green area that welcomes the wind to recreate the clear coastal lyrical hill image, which stands out among the typical vines and stone pillars.

“La Dolce Vita” in South Phu Quoc

Not only inspired by the Mediterranean in every architectural detail, Sun Grand City New An Thoi also creates a liberal, robust and harmonious lifestyle as true Mediterranean residents.

The design of community living spaces in the urban area is highly appreciated, making residents close, easy to share and help each other. Like Italians, urban residents live during the festive season year-round, surrounded by kind neighbors.

The famous “La Dolce Vita” – Italian “sweet life” is meant for people who are comfortable enjoying a high quality of life. At Sun Grand City New An Thoi, residents will also enjoy a comfortable life with a full education and health system and the financial future of every commercial townhouse guaranteed. With the large number of tourists flocking to Phu Quoc growing by more than 30% per year and forecasting a stronger increase in the future, the urban area promises to become a prosperous trading land.

On the journey to discover the billion-dollar resort complex on the South Island, from JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay, Sun Premier Village Kem Beach Resort to Hon Thom Cable Car, unique streets close to the Sun Premier Village Primavera, Guests can stop to relax, shop in the urban area. All what Sun Grand City New An Thoi residents need to prepare is decorating the store, 3-4 star hotels, stylish restaurants and welcoming millions of visitors.

“If you want to be a part of the Mediterranean charm south of the Pearl Island, immerse yourself in ‘La Dolce Vita’ – ‘sweet life’ like a true Italian with a prosperous future, then Sun Grand City New An Thoi is a prosperous guide, “said the investor.