Mazda surpasses Toyota to satisfy Vietnamese customers when buying a car

Mazda does the best in sales, introducing products to customers, ranked above respectively Toyota and Hyundai.

On October 31, market research firm J.D. Power (USA), published the study on Vietnam’s Satisfaction of Sales Service Index (SSI) in 2019. Mazda is the leading brand with the score of 859. The same rights are distributed by Truong Hai but different from Mazda, Korean and Kia brands ranked last in customer satisfaction level when buying cars at dealers.

Mazda in 2019 increased two steps to take the lead, pushing Hyundai and Toyota (2018 champion) down two positions. Chevrolet is the brand with the highest satisfaction rating on sales service, dropping three places to No. 7. Honda and Kia are stuck at the bottom of the rankings.

Figures released by the US market research firm are based on feedback from 1,512 new car owners. These are Vietnamese customers who bought cars from March 2018 to August 2019. Research conducted online at the same time.

Mazda leads 6 factors ranked according to the importance of J.D.Power’s research, including: Vehicle handover process (23%); Complete paperwork (19%); Facilities of agents (19%); Sales consultants (19%); How to deal with deals (14%) and agency website (6%).

The 2019 SSI Index recorded an increased level of satisfaction among Vietnamese consumers. The average score is 834 marginally better than 12 points compared to 2018. Car dealers in Vietnam are getting more and more attentive when creating special car handover times, and staff take time to look through the sections in the manual. and introduce comprehensive features on the vehicle.

Vietnamese tend to search for information online during the process of buying a new car. 97% of customers contact agencies in parallel with searching for information online. Of these, 89% visited the agency’s website (an increase of 42% compared to 2018); 57% visited agencies’ Facebook pages (up 20% compared to 2018) and 26% emailed agents (an increase of 6% compared to 2018).

Meanwhile, in the maintenance and repair services, Ford received the highest satisfaction score, followed by Mazda, Mitsubishi and then Toyota.