Many risks when buying Doberman dogs in Vietnam

Doberman is a domesticated breed for professional use, if you buy an adult dog of unknown origin very likely to encounter a fierce, aggressive dog.

The movement of raising Doberman dogs in Vietnam has been alleviated but still quite exciting. The fact that the breed dog farms imported from foreign countries and mixed in Vietnam makes the price of Doberman much difference, mostly from the origin, “genealogy” of dogs.

Mr. Thanh Long (owner of a dog farm in Hanoi) said that the price of breed dogs is quite “soft” now. For international purebred breeds usually will have an Export Pedigree, which costs US $ 2,000-3,000 (including return fees to Vietnam).

However, for dogs with a VKA certificate (dogs imported to Vietnam and then “naturalized” in Vietnam), prices range from 10-30 million.
Most Doberman dogs in Vietnam are mixed breeds from F2 generation onwards with relatively cheap prices, ranging from 10-20 million VND. This breed is lucky to breed and is not too difficult to breed and care for, so it is less popular because of its high price. Only when customers place orders will the ranchers enter. Customers who prefer imported dogs are people with high money and requirements.

Particularly for undocumented varieties, floating in the market cost only 5-8 million, which means the potential risk of harm.

“The difference is often given by the owner. Sometimes the price of a Doberman dog also depends on the trading relationship and the closeness to the owner so extremely,” said Thanh Long.

Also according to him, documents for Doberman are necessary because this is actually a pure breed for business. If you buy an undocumented adult dog, it is very difficult to make them tame because every owner lives with unpredictable psychological changes.

In addition, Doberman is a guard dog, fighting should be aggressive and quite noisy. The city was cramped and lacked space for Doberman to run and jump.

“Few people have ordered and invested much for this breed, but instead, like Alaska, Husky, Becgie, Pitbull …”, Mr. Thanh Long shared.

Meanwhile, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are currently 5 large farms that provide Doberman dogs. Mr. Thang, the owner of a famous dog farm, said that most of the floating breeds can be imported from China, dogs to the hands … so the safety is very poor. The childhood of these dogs may have been abused, so their personalities are violent.

For example, in the case of 4 dogs biting people in Hanoi, 2 Doberman. “The owner of it only grows up in adulthood, so the bond is not close, leading to very spontaneous behavior,” he said.

The dog owner added that there are hundreds of shops and individuals dealing in ornamental dogs, finding a good, purebred, healthy dog ​​is very difficult for people who are not experienced. The risk of buying a “floating” dog is huge.

“Dogs can die after a few days at home or suffer from defects that prevent them from developing normally,” said Thang.