Many National Assembly deputies do not want to ban the debt collection service

National Assembly Deputy Chairman Phung Quoc Hien said that hiring legal organizations to collect debts is civilized and should not be banned because of some cases that are prohibited.

Discussing in the team on November 15 on the Investment Law (amended), Ms. Phan Thi My Dung – Deputy Director of Long An Department of Justice said that the Government proposed to prohibit debt collection activities as reasonable because it is changing. Chess complex. Mr. Bui Van Phuong – Deputy Head of the Delegation of Ninh Binh province said that hidden behind the form of debt collection business is actually a gangster-style business, leaving great social consequences. He added with the case of banks, financial lenders, debt collectors. “Beware of group interests, collusion in this field,” Deputy Head of Ninh Binh province said.

Meanwhile, many other opinions that should not be because of “unmanaged but banned” as such.

Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Phung Quoc Hien concurred when the phenomenon of taking advantage of debt collection service business to violate the law, affecting the social order, needed “strict punishment”. However, he said that debt collection is also a service of the market mechanism. “The law must specify who can do and do what they need to comply with, how to deal with the violations, but the ban is not reasonable,” he said.

Mr. Hien emphasized that business relationship is increasingly intertwined, but debt is through legal organizations to claim to be civilized. According to him, it is not advisable to see some incidents happen, but move from pole to pole.

Agree, Mr. Le Cong Nhuong – Director of Department of Science & Technology of Binh Dinh Province said that this is the need of society, banning will turn minister. “If black credit is banned, it will change to operate on the Internet, so will the debt collection, so it is necessary to build laws that are sufficient to manage, not banned,” said Mr. Nhuong.

Mr. Pham Phu Quoc – Deputy Director of the HCM City Development Research Institute also said that there is a good debt collection business, “the problem is not against the law”. He questioned the responsibility of the authorities and the police when the Gypsy debt collection cases happened.

“We are afraid of violating, local authorities, police, locals … where to let the story of Gypsy?”, Mr. Quoc questioned.

Ms. Pham Khanh Phong Lan – Head of Food Safety Management Department in Ho Chi Minh City also said that it is necessary to distinguish and handle businesses that disrupt, behave like a gangster or go to court. then let exist

“It is impossible to abolish it because there is no governance, because there are disfigurement while social demand still exists, in terms of state management is not possible,” she said.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Long – Member of Economic Committee suggested that there should be a multi-dimensional impact assessment before banning or not. If the state management is not good, it is necessary to supplement regulations to ensure the proper operation of the provisions of law.

On behalf of the Government, Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung acknowledged that there are many different opinions on this. According to him, the actual demand is there, but recently there have been many variables to collect rent debt making the social situation very complicated. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Security proposed to put the debt collection business into the prohibited list, avoiding social complexity.

Expressing his personal opinion, Mr. Dung said “if it is too outrageous, it is not good”. However, submitting this law, the Government immediately asked the National Assembly to add the debt collection business to the list of prohibited business investments.

Regarding the transitional clause, the Minister of Planning and Investment admitted that the drafting agency had not yet issued a regulation on dealing with the debt collection business until the new law took effect, so it promised to research and supplement it. figs.