Make 2.8 million new years with the fortune of Amazon boss

The average American earns $ 46,800 a year, and if they don’t spend anything, they need to accumulate 2.8 million years to have the same wealth as Jeff Bezos.

The number of people owning assets from 1 billion USD in the world is at the highest level ever. The number of people with several billion dollars is also increasing. However, in order to know how large this number is, put it in relation to the average income of an American citizen.

The median income of a full-time worker in the US in 2018 was $ 46,800. Assuming this person doesn’t rent a house, doesn’t pay their utility bills, doesn’t pay taxes, doesn’t spend anything else, to accumulate $ 1 billion, they need over 21,000 years. This period is equivalent to the journey to bring human civilization from the Stone Age to the modern period.

However, when $ 1 billion is a “dream” for many people, this number is still far from the net worth of the richest man in the world – Jeff Bezos – founder of the giant e-commerce Amazon and space travel company Blue Origin.

The current net worth of the Amazon owner is about 130 billion USD. For an average worker in the US, this amount is equivalent to nearly 2.8 million years of continuous work, assuming no spending any money.

2.8 million years is 10 times more time than scientists believe that Homo sapiens, ancestors of mankind, existed on earth.

But not all Americans today are at an average income. For people with the lowest income at Amazon, about $ 31,200 per year, they will have to work continuously without spending for 4.15 million years to earn an amount equal to the net worth of Jeff Bezos.