Lung cancer teacher learns to be optimistic with poetry

Preparing to leave carefully for metastatic lung cancer, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong did not think that after nearly 5 years, she and her husband would wait for the orchid rolls to bloom.
On Sunday morning, it was sunny, in a small yard in front of a two-storey house in Thai Hoa, Binh Phu, Thach That, Hanoi villages, Ms. Huong stood watching her husband water the plants. “For other women, that space is nothing special. But for a wife who was told by her doctor that she had end-stage lung cancer, it could only last 9 months, this time is worth it.” You cannot afford it. “

“I teach Van, my husband teaches Math, the life of a couple of ‘village teachers’ which is peaceful with the dream of raising two grown children. After building the house, it seems that in a few more years, it will be easy but disease will come. no notice”. She said, dimples rounded, hoarse voice and eyes wide but teary.

Luggage for the farthest trip

In early 2015, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong took her family to a doctor for a medical examination and by chance to check up, she found a lung tumor. She continued to do tests at Hanoi Cancer Hospital, informed that she had lung cancer, adenocarcinoma cells, stage 4, had pleural fluid and mediastinal lymph nodes. “After more than 4 years, when I recalled the moment when I was notified by the doctor and ordered the chemotherapy, I still felt a shiver. I remember as if the doctor said: It will last for 9 months. not enough to see boys go to college, girls go to high school, “Huong recalled.

At that time, her husband – Mr. Nguyen Van Bich sat by his wife’s hand, urged the doctor: “9 months or 3 months must be cured. We will persevere according to the hospital’s guidelines”. The firm voice and the handful of her husband pulled her up. She did not allow herself to fall.

In the following treatment days, her family was divided into “two camps”, one task for each faction. The husband takes care of the economy, takes care of the children, and the wife takes on the task of healing, everyone must do well to make the other reassuring.

The painful chemical transmissions that seemed to go back to life helped Huong to pass the 9-month milestone, then 1 year and 2 years. When her son passed the University of Pharmacy with the dream of finding a medicine to treat lung cancer, she just hoped to be able to buy time for her daughter to enter the lecture hall. But in 2018, she often dizzy expressed signs of tumor metastases brain.

“I was determined to continue healing in every way. From radiation surgery, chemotherapy to gamma radiation, the tumor still grew up. During radiation therapy, I had a seizure, and there was an emergency. blood is spilled from the head out soaked in clothing, blotting bed sheets “.

No more hope, Huong returned home thinking: The last days will certainly be very busy. Gathering all the energy, she cleaned up the house, collected each bowl, and saucepan to the clothes for her husband and two children. For her part, she also prepares enough clothes and luggage for the furthest trip of her life. “I just wish I could wait a few months longer, my daughter enters the College of Education, fulfilling her dream of following her parents’ career.”

The vitality of orchids

No more pressure to cure diseases at all costs, no more pain due to chemotherapy and radiation, Ms. Huong returned to her life as the days without sickness. The only difference is: “The bus leaving the temporary can stop by the house, pick me up anytime”.

Mr. Bich regularly reads and exercises exercises, a balanced diet for his wife. The two of them understood themselves: being together for the last days was very peaceful and happy. During that time, Mr. Bich remembered a kind of health food for cancer patients that his wife had given him two years ago.

“I remember that at that time my wife used the product to feel better, no longer too painful due to the side effects of chemicals, healthy enough to go back to the hospital to continue the treatment regimen after having to go to the hospital for emergency treatment due to lymphoma. I was searching for information that reminded me that Gen K healthy foods were carefully read and I found GenK to be a product of a state-level scientific research project of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. , with high fucoidan sulfate active ingredient, low molecular weight, not only helps to reduce the side effects of radiation therapy but also helps cancer patients to improve their health.I saw the product licensed by the Ministry of Health, I feel safe to buy for wife to use “.

At 5am daily, Mr. Bich called Ms. Huong to get up and walk with low and high steps, sequelae after half of time because of chemicals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, he also takes care of his wife to eat enough food. In addition, Ms. Huong never forgot to drink GenK. She both loved and annoyed her husband’s carefulness: “He follows my daily living and eating schedule as detailed as solving math problems for students. I’m not healthy, I am at fault with my husband.”

As a person who only knows the numbers, Mr. Bich previously did not care about bonsai, flowers. Yet from the New Year, he began to grow orchids. The spreading orchids growing in the garden made Huong and her two children surprised, asking how he would not say.

One morning when his wife reminded him of an unexpected trip, he just calmly said: “The orchids have the power.