Living normally with half of the brain

MY6 epilepsy patients still live normally with only half of the brain, making medical experts astonished.

The results of CT scans of 6 patients published on 11/20 show that the human body is still functioning with only one brain hemisphere. This phenomenon allows researchers to learn how to restructure the brain after damage, creating more hope in the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

The study participants were all 20 to 30 years old, undergoing brain surgery from the age of three months to 11 years. They had surgery to remove half of the brain to treat severe childhood seizures.
Research shows that different parts of the brain that perform different functions form a strong bond. These connections cause the brain to repair itself, helping the body function normally.

Many experts are stunned with this result. Professor Dorit Kliemann, California Institute of Technology, said the basic function of the patient is completely normal. Language ability intact. All of them talked with the doctor during the scan.

“You almost didn’t realize their status the first time they met. I was surprised that MRI images (magnetic resonance imaging) showing half of the brain belong to someone who has just talked and walked normally.” , Professor Dorit shared.

Hemispherectomy is a rare procedure that completely removes one of the two brain hemispheres. This is a major surgical procedure, which takes at least 12 hours to perform. The method used in the treatment of epilepsy, especially in severe cases, has a success rate of about 85% to 90%.