Kia Morning is out of breath with sales of the i10

Contrary to the i10’s sustained attraction, Kia Morning slipped sales and gradually let Toyota Wigo catch up.

More than the first 3 quarters of 2019, Hyundai’s model is stable with an annual sales of over 1,000 vehicles, Kia Morning, in contrast to the purchasing power, the rear heat from Wigo is increasingly visible.

Movements of A-size hatchback models in 2019
Unit: vehicle / Source: VAMA, TC Motor
Kia Morning
Hyundai i10
Toyota Wigo
10 months of 2019
October 10, 2018
July ‚óŹ Kia Morning: 731
In October, Kia Morning sold 573 cars, only marginally better than Wigo 56 units. This is also the 7th consecutive month, sales of models assembled by Truong Hai have declined since March with an established 1,018 units. Accumulated sales since early 2019 of Morning reached 8,098 units, nearly 2,000 units higher than rivals from Toyota but lower than i10 to more than 6,000 units. Hyundai i10 broke the top with 14,387 vehicles, creating a gap “unable to level” with the rest, including Kia Morning.

With the advantage before Wigo, Truong Hai can hardly sit still with this sales gap because Morning assembled domestically, diversified configuration options, cheaper prices. While Wigo imports and has only two configuration options, the price is more expensive and opens for sale from September 2018. The appearance of many rookies and especially Toyota Wigo makes the A-class urban cars segment crowded since 2018. Both i10 and Morning in 2019 decreased in sales compared to the same period in 2018.

Hyundai i10 and Kia Morning have been “the one horse” alone for many years in the segment, the market share is now broken down. In terms of consumption, the two Korean models are still marginally better than the rest, mainly Japanese models but more or less affected. Morning sales decline partly reflects that.

Ignoring the overwhelming i10, Toyota Wigo is showing its progress despite the conflicting controversy about the monotonous, high-price design of the segment. The advantage of brand strength, stability in operation, suitable for customers who like the practicality and preference for Japanese cars is what makes Wigo selected among rivals such as Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Brio, Suzuki Celerio , VinFast Fadil, Morning or i10.