iPhone 11 row lock the network

The trio of iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have been locked down in a row, but few buyers are concerned about sim transplant and warranty.

After learning about the iPhone 11 network lock (lock), Mr. Nguyen Thanh, District 3 (Ho Chi Minh City) decided not to buy anymore, although the 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro Max he likes has reduced the price to more than 18 million, as cheap as half compared to genuine goods. However, after consulting online information and friends who used this device, he decided to spend more money to buy an international device.

After a short time appearing on the market, all kinds of iPhone lock products have continuously decreased. Currently, iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB is VND 17.5 – 18.5 million, up to VND 8-10 million lower than international laptops and nearly half (VND 33.99 million) with genuine goods. .

The trend is similar with the iPhone 11 Pro. Price of the 64 GB version of the lock is 16-17.5 million, lower than about 8 million compared to international portable and 15 million compared to genuine goods. iPhone 11 64GB even only 12-13 million, while international portable computers are 17.5 to 18.5 million, and genuine machines are 22 million. For higher memory versions, the difference is only about 2-3 million VND.

“I have stopped selling my iPhone for a year now due to a lot of inadequacies. But seeing the hotness of the new iPhone 11, I ventured to import new shipments, but this is a mistake,” a shopkeeper set up. Apple portable device in District 1, admitted. After importing to Vietnam in the middle of October, sales are quite low. His shop continuously lowered the price, each time a few hundred thousand, but the number of buyers was not better. Sometimes it takes a few days to sell one.

Other stores also admitted that this year’s iPhone 11 lock is not “hot”. Many store owners have accepted to sell losses, do not enter new and proceed to abandon the business of this iPhone.

Do Phung, an iPhone-savvy person, said that the lock has passed its peak because the sim transplant “divine” and the ICCID code have all lost its effect due to the increasingly strict management of Apple. This means that despite the “upgrade” of the graft sim genre, users will still have to “live” with issues such as frequent signal loss, constantly locked sim, difficult to update new iOS, locked iCloud … “In my opinion, iPhone network lock, including the latest iPhone 11 has expired in Vietnam,” Mr. Phung commented.

Nguyen Phat, who runs a large smartphone business in Ho Chi Minh City, said that the price of iPhone lock is reflecting the market. “Users no longer have the desire to buy a network lock unless they can withstand the stability and the errors it causes,” Phat said.