Hyundai pickup will go on sale in 2021

The Korean automaker’s pick-up model evolved from the Santa Cruz concept and will be produced at a factory in Alabama, USA.

Hyundai has confirmed it started production of pickups in 2021 and went on sale the same year. The Alabama plant is also home to products like Santa Fe, Sonata and Elantra.

Hyundai said Santa Cruz would combine “the traditional attributes of a compact multipurpose vehicle” with “the convenience of a capless container”.

Unlike the one-ton truck that Hyundai has said it will develop, Santa Cruz will have the same pickup style as Honda Ridgeline. The vehicle uses a monocoque structure, and the 4-wheel drive system is expected to be standard equipment.

Hyundai’s Montgomery plant in Alabama will receive US $ 410 million to expand production. Including expanding space and creating 200 new jobs.

Santa Cruz first appeared as a concept in 2015 at the Detroit auto show. There have been many predictions about the possibility that the idea version will go into production as well as the time of launch.

It is not clear how many parts of the production version retain the idea. The Santa Cruz concept has an upside-down rear door and an enlarged trunk door that makes it a lot more comparable to a mid-size pickup.