Husband publicly loved the “mini tam”, the girl went to the edge and could only cry because she brought “3rd person” home

People have mentioned a lot of the obnoxious, terrible character called Tuesday. However, there is a type of “mini tam” which is very popular with people, and still has to rub lovely praise. Not to mention, “mini tam” is also publicly loved afternoon, care.

What kind of strange life? It is not strange that “small tam” is a very cute Poodle and your husband keeps on whirling and pampering him more than his wife!

Recently, a girl named Anh Thu went to MXH to complain about the “losing her husband” to the hands of a third person who is her boss named Chum. Accompanied by the image of Anh Thu’s husband, who is close to Chum, does not leave from eating to sleeping, making the people laugh and love. Not to mention, the husband also took care of “mini tam” each cup. In general, Anh Thu was “marginalized” and could only know “I look so angry, I’ve never been so angry”.

Mr. Thu said that he has been raising Chum for 3 years. When she returned to her husband’s home, she decided to take the boss with her. Chum has also appeared in wedding photos, at weddings and also with Anh Thu and her honeymoon.

“At first, when I first met each other, I had to ask my husband if he liked dogs because I loved dogs so much. Then wherever he went, he took him along so gradually, my husband also liked it. However, until we got married, then I’m officially “disgraced” because my husband and boss are still around all day. “