Huawei Mate X is fully purchased in minutes

Mate X foldable smartphone was launched by Huawei for the first time today in China and quickly “sold out”.

According to GSMArena, Huawei did not specifically disclose the number of Mate Xs for this flash sale, but it seems that they underestimate the needs of customers, so they have prepared very few devices. Therefore, after just a few minutes, all Mate X phones were sold out.

The next flash sale will take place on November 22.

Huawei Mate X, a direct competitor of Samsung Galaxy Fold, has been available in China since November 15 with a starting price of 16,999 yuan (55 million dong). The device is equipped with a nearly square screen with an 8: 7.1 ratio, 8 inches in size when fully opened. When folded, the device divides into a 6.6-inch screen on the front and 6.38 inches on the back. Mate X uses Kirin 980 chip, power button with integrated fingerprint sensor, supports 5G network, three-lens camera, antenna and many electronic components integrated in the hinge.

Despite being launched earlier this year, the Mate X has just been sold because Huawei was blacklisted by the U.S. in May, causing a disruption in technology supply, including the inability to install software and Google services. Huawei has not announced plans to distribute Mate X to markets other than China.