How to eat sweet potatoes?

Boiled sweet potato leaves help laxative. Roasted sweet potatoes, peeled and eaten hot, new dysentery. Do not eat raw potatoes for long pepper.

Sweet potatoes are common, grown for tubers to replace rice. The old book says: our country has people who eat sweet potatoes all year round but live beyond 100 years old. Potatoes are boiled, sliced, dried, or boiled, then sliced, dried pieces to eat gradually as food. In our country, sweet potatoes are grown for a long time in many localities. People create many varieties of sweet potatoes such as white sweet potato, red sweet potato, sweet potato turmeric, purple sweet potato, yellow sweet potato.

Young leaves of sweet potato used as vegetables (boiled with garlic, cook soup …) have many nutritional and digestive effects. Sweet potatoes are processed into many other dishes such as fried, fried, cooked curry with chicken, cooked tea, jam … In leaves and tubers have many good nutrients for the body and are also used. to cure diseases.

Herbalist Bui Dac Sang, from the Academy of Science and Technology, said fresh sweet potatoes contained 24.6% starch, 1.3% protein, 0.1% fat, digestive enzymes, vitamin B, C and A pre-vitamins (found in turmeric), along with minerals. Potato strings and tubers contain small amounts of substances such as insulin, which can help treat diabetes. Boiled tubers or leaves have a laxative effect and treat constipation.

Some ways of processing sweet potatoes are good for health and treat as follows:

Boiled sweet potato tops and leaves help laxative.

Sweet potato roots pound, squeeze water, drink in the morning, before every meal, treat constipation, hemorrhoids. (Take for 3 consecutive days for constipation and one month for hemorrhoids).

Bunch of steamed sweet potatoes or cooking soup helps increase breast milk.

Fresh sweet potato leaves, covering burns

Sweet potatoes eat regularly, eat a few weeks a month between two periods, treat irregular menstruation, period disorders, bad blood.

Roasted sweet potatoes, peeled and eaten hot, new dysentery.

According to Herbalist Sang, in order to have a nourishing effect, yellow-fleshed red-skinned potatoes should be eaten. If you want to relieve and relieve constipation, you must use white-fleshed white-skinned potatoes. Should eat with sweet potato protein, animal and plant protein to balance nutrients.

Do not use sweet potatoes (tubers and vegetables) when too hungry because then blood sugar is low, eating will lower blood sugar, causing fatigue. Don’t eat regular sweet potatoes, as they contain a lot of calcium, which can cause kidney stones. In addition, raw sweet potatoes should not be eaten as the starchy cell membrane of raw sweet potatoes will be difficult to digest. Only when you boil the enzymes in the potato will decompose, and when eating will not appear flatulence, heartburn, nausea …

In particular, sweet potato skin is more alkaline, not good for digestion. “The brown spots, dark spots on the skin of potatoes when eaten can be food poisoning,” said the physician.