Hong in season, foreign goods still pour into Vietnam

Chinese, Japanese persimmons are still imported to Vietnam, although domestic roses are in season and cheap.

Vietnamese persimmon lasts from August to November. This year, brittle and ripe persimmons of Vietnam are plentiful, cheap, about 20,000-35,000 VND per kg. Vietnam has 5 pink growing provinces, namely Moc Chau (Son La), Lao Cai, Bac Kan, Lang Son or Da Lat (Lam Dong).

But foreign goods are still flocking to Vietnam. Imported in the largest number is Chinese crunchy pink, flat round shape, eye-catching colors, uniform fruit quality.

Ms. Thoa, a small merchant specializing in wholesale roses in Hanoi, said that every night, about ten tons of brittle persimmons were imported, but all the wholesale were taken away. “Red roses in the country are increasing, but Chinese roses are easy to preserve, so they are less buried or damaged like Vietnamese persimmons,” Thao explained.

The representative of Thu Duc agricultural wholesale market said that the amount of persimmons rose to the market. Every day, pink crunchy about 57 tons of market but 15% of these are persimmons from China, wholesale price 15,000 VND per kg, 5,000 VND cheaper than last year.

Hong Viet is quite similar to Chinese products, so many sellers also mix Chinese roses and sell them into Da Lat and Moc Chau persimmons. Therefore, consumers need experience to be able to choose the right “crispy pink” made in Vietnam.

In terms of form, Da Lat persimmon has a pointed tip, orange-yellow color, preserved for not long, it only takes 1-2 days to soften. Harvest from early September onwards. Crispy persimmons originating from Son La and Bac Kan are large, or bruised, crispy and sweet. Green fruits are slightly acrid.

Chinese Red fruits are good-looking, dark red eye-catching. At first glance it looks ripe, but this rose for a long time due to the use of preservatives. Chinese roses are scattered in many times and are much cheaper than Vietnamese roses.

Besides cheap Chinese persimmon, the market also has Taiwanese pink and Japanese persimmons worth more than half a million dong per kilogram.

Loan, the owner of a fruit import shop in Hanoi, has been selling nearly half a ton of Taiwanese roses so far this season. The reason they are popular is because of the clean goods, thick meat, berry skin without preservative injection, the sweetness and crispness.

As for Japanese roses, she also sells a ton each week. Colors and sizes are not much different from Taiwanese and Vietnamese roses but have a different sweet and aromatic flavor. Price per kg up to 600,000 VND.

Ms. Hoa, the owner of an imported fruit shop in Binh Thanh District (Ho Chi Minh City), said that the actual shape and color of Japanese pink are similar to Vietnamese brittle pink but the size is much larger, each weighing about 400 g. The skin is thin, yellow and gradually turns to orange as the fruit ripens well. Characteristics of Japanese roses are super thin crust, can be eaten directly. The inside of the intestine is thick, seedless, with a strong sweetness and no acrid.