Going out to the gym to lose weight like a sister, a 2-year-old cat is suddenly welcomed by young and old people like a famous star

Just like women, the mace Chùy, who is raised by the owner living in the city of Chongqing (China), also hopes to lose weight to own a slim, slender physique. On a walk to lose weight, this cat has become the focus of attention of everyone because of its cute appearance.

According to the owner, Mace is a British cat and will turn 2 on August 14. Realizing that his pet was increasingly “growing”, the owner of Mace decided to take him to the gym once a week. The cute, chubby appearance covered with ash-gray fur outside and the cat’s cold, carefree face attracted the attention of all pedestrians. Many people came to please hug and take a picture of Mace, looks like a cat fan meeting. On the side of the cat, though his facial expression is somewhat unapproachable, it is very gentle, sitting still for people to take pictures and even plays with children.

Despite efforts to take Mace to lose weight, the owner said he did not put too much hope on this. It seems that the bigger the cat becomes chubby, the furniture must always buy XL size to fit. He himself did not expect that Chùy Chùy received so much love, the work of losing weight was considered to be a failure but earned a lot of fans. The owner then also spent money on a good camera to capture the daily moments of Mace and share on Weibo as a repayment of everyone’s love.