Giants spend millions to build a 5-star hotel for cats and dogs

With special love for dogs and cats, many Vietnamese giants are willing to spend billions to build villas, hotels, take care of them very carefully.

The story of Mrs. Thai Thi Cuc Lan (living in Ho Chi Minh City) spending billions to build a spacious castle area for the animals still makes many people talk.

In 1995, on one trip to Lam Dong, Lan spent money to buy two plots of land from Dam Ri commune, Da Huoai district, over 7 hectares, to build villas for dogs, monkeys, cows, and birds. mouse…
Not only that, Ms. Lan treats the animals here as pet. She hired dozens of people to take care of them. Especially her dogs have to take care of them very carefully. For pets, Lan feeds food bought from supermarkets in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat. Products must have a label, which is primarily beef, with some days taken to the car to cold storage for dogs to eat gradually.

Drinking water for pets must also take mineral water. One day the maids had to bathe her pets once, after bathing they had to dry their hairs, wash them with shampoos and spray aromatic scents bought from abroad.

Whenever a dog became ill, Ms. Lan hired a private vet from Saigon to come and get treatment. The unfortunate dogs died or died, she will organize a very important funeral.

Also because she swung billions to raise animals, at the end of her life, Lan was in deep debt, even having to sell land to her friends in Saigon. In 2010, Lan died, and now the mansion is closed in ruins. Currently, the “villa” of this animal is Nguyen Van Thao (51 years old), living in Dam Ri commune, Da Huoai district.

Giants of Saigon spent nearly million dollars to build a 5-star hotel for pets

A giant in Saigon has spent nearly $ 1 billion to build a unique hotel in Vietnam for dogs and cats.

This pet hotel is a 6-storey building with full amenities, care services from accommodation to fun, medical examination and treatment, shopping for appliances … Currently the hotel has 150 rooms, of which 50 large rooms, 90 small rooms and 7 VIP rooms.

In the hotel, part of the ground floor is designed as a mini supermarket for pets. There is a full sale of food, clothing, beauty tools and pet supplies.

This special hotel manager said that all pets arriving at the hotel, in any room category, are served beauty spa, manicures and are checked and monitored by veterinarians. Regular health status.

The staff here wear uniforms and clean them before interacting with animals. All staff must have experience caring for pets and loving them wholeheartedly.

“Kingdom” for dogs and cats is unique to Vietnam

Located on a 2,000m2 campus, the “dog and cat kingdom” of Mr. Nguyen Bao Sinh (Truong Dinh, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi) has long been a familiar place for dog and cat lovers.

From a young age, Mr. Sinh was extremely fond of, attached to dogs and cats and also derived from his love for these animals, he was determined to build a “dog and cat kingdom”. The “Kingdom of dogs and cats” was started by him in 1969 on the land that his father had left behind.

He was also the first person to start the dog and cat business movement outside the North. At first, his “kingdom” was just a place to nurture and trade all kinds of dogs and cats. After more than 40 years of establishment, he has developed many other services for dogs and cats such as hotels, supermarkets, health care, entertainment and cemeteries for pets.

Mr. Sinh also built a spacious and modern building with 6 floors full of modern equipment to make the first “5-star resort” in Vietnam for dogs and cats. This is also the only hotel for dogs and big cats that can be said to be unique in Vietnam. Besides, he also reserved a piece of land in the garden to make a resting place for dogs and cats. The tombs are very well cared for, with their own tombs and tombstones, recording the year of birth, date of death and regularly burning incense by the owners and staff at the resort.

Since the service was launched, many people have brought their cats and dogs here to bury them. For them, dogs and cats are not only pets, but also a friend, a close friend with him for many years, so when they die, they want to give them a decent resting place.