Gas prices may plummet tomorrow

Instead of increasing as “shock” as in the previous cycle, the price of gasoline in this period can be reduced sharply due to the world price going down.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the average price of finished gasoline on the Singapore market in this cycle with RON 92 is $ 68.7 a barrel, RON 95 is $ 76.2 a barrel, down 4-5% compared to previous period. Along with that, oil prices have reversed to go down. Therefore, the gasoline price in the adjustment tomorrow is expected to decline sharply.

Leaders of petroleum enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City said that if tomorrow the management agency does not spend the Stabilization Fund, the price of petrol can be reduced by VND 400 – 600 per liter. And if the management agency just uses the fund and reduces the price, the gasoline can be reduced by VND 200-300 / liter.

At the October 1 operating period, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance adjusted the increase of VND 666 for each liter of E5 RON 92 gasoline, the additional RON 95 petrol for VND 923, and the increase of oil from 424 to 829 VND per liter and kg depending on the type. Thus, after 4 consecutive price cuts from the beginning of August, the domestic retail gasoline price increased sharply again.

After adjustment, E5 RON 92 petrol reaches a maximum of 19,780 VND per liter, RON 95 petrol is 21,066 VND. Diesel is not higher than VND 16,638 per liter, kerosene VND 15,786 and madut VND 14,919 per kg.

The operators also spent using the petrol stabilizing fund of VND 300 / liter with E5 RON 92 gasoline; RON 95 petrol is 500 dong. Spending level of the Fund on oil products is VND 200-500 per liter and kg.