Funny love of Nala dog with Donald duck

Nala is a dog that is very pampered by Megan Leigh. Wherever Megan took Nala with them, their favorite place was Disney Land. In the last 2 years, they have been here no less than 50 times.
Nala and the owner often go for a walk, ride a horse … together when they come to Disney Land. But Nala’s favorite activity is meeting cartoon characters.

Nala is especially happy to meet a new character, and her owner is also very happy to see the lovely special moments of the pet.

On a recent trip, Nala met Donald Duck – and immediately, Nala expressed his passion for new love.

“The moment Nala approached Donald duck, the crowd was surrounding and watching,” Leigh said.

When Donald proved to be pampered, Nala dropped his head into Donald’s heart and insisted on not leaving half a step from that moment.

Nala in Donald duck and exchanged eyes, kissing “passionately”. Everyone around them was fascinated by the love of Nala for Donald Duck.

“Nala doesn’t want to leave Donald duck,” Leigh said. “He loves Donald duck so much!”

However, it was finally time to leave. Leigh promises to take Nala back to meet Donald duck. Nala will surely have more lovely dates with Donald in the future.