Ford Ranger – Pick-up and load safer technology than cars

Pickup King Ford Ranger possesses many modern technologies, optimal driver support on different terrains.

Besides the advantages in design, the Ranger scores by more advanced driver assistance technologies, which are more appreciated by any pickup truck on the market. Even some of the Ranger’s support features, especially in version 2.0 Bi-Turbo Wildtrak, surpass other cars in the same range.

A large number of people using pickup trucks often move in difficult terrain, steep passes, bumpy roads. For this purpose, Ford equipped the Ranger with many suitable features. For example, on steep passes, poor road surfaces, the Ranger’s hill assist system helps the driver to focus on controlling the steering wheel while the brakes are automatically supported by the vehicle. The driver can add additional braking force as needed to further downhill safety.

Besides, in other harsh terrain conditions such as slippery, Ranger can lock the electric rear differential. The selection of 1-bridge, 2-bridge, Low, High mode to suit the road conditions can be done via the electronic suspension system Shift-On-The-Fly 4×4. When traveling in the terrain of streams and flooded roads, the driver can rest assured with the ability to wade 800 mm. Most difficult terrain, often encountered in real conditions, can be solved with the driver assistance systems available on the Ranger.

On long journeys, especially on the highway, the Ranger is modern as a luxury car, with lane-keeping assist. In the current pickup segment, only Ford pick-ups have this feature. When the speed is over 65 km / h, the road surface has clear lines and the vehicle automatically aligns with the lane. In case the vehicle is out of lane without signaling, the steering wheel will vibrate to alert the driver. If the driver does not respond, the steering wheel will automatically adjust to return the car to the right lane.

In addition to assisting drivers with lane keeping, the Ranger incorporates automatic speed control. On most cars today, cruise control, speed limits are quite common. However, adjusting the speed automatically according to traffic conditions is not so universal. Ranger is the only pickup that integrates this feature. The vehicle radar system will scan the moving area ahead, if enough ventilation speed will be maintained as set by the driver. When vehicles move in the safe area ahead, the vehicle automatically reduces the speed to ensure safety and increases back to the set level when the road is clear again.

In addition, Ford pick-ups feature an active emergency braking system (AEB) that reduces the risk of frontal collisions. The AEB radar has the ability to recognize vehicles and pedestrians ahead. When there is an obstacle in the safety area in front of the vehicle, the collision warning system will signal with sounds and images on the information screen for the driver to pay attention. At the same time, the braking system will increase the sensitivity or automatically brake when the driver fails to respond, helping to reduce the risk of an accident.

In the pickup segment in Vietnam, the Ranger is also the only vehicle to use a 10-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to the multi-level division, the gear shift process of the car is smooth, quick and smooth acceleration. Combined with an advanced gearbox, the Ranger features a 2.0 Bi-Turbo engine for the segment’s leading power and drag.

Pick-up Ford owns an electronic power steering system that can be changed according to actual driving conditions. In normal street operating conditions, the steering wheel is gentle and easy to steer, which gives the driver comfort. However, when running at high speed, the steering wheel will adjust itself firmly and stability to help the driver easily master the vehicle.

Owning a series of modern features, superior to competitors in the segment, Ranger is not difficult to please the fastidious customers. According to statistics of the Vietnam Automobile Association (VAMA), sales of Ford pickup models have often topped the segment for years. In particular, the cumulative sales since the beginning of the year to Ranger has reached 9,036 vehicles.