Female billionaires inspire the startup community

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao steered HDBank from the top 40 to the leading bank in the market, setting up many welfare programs for young people.

Ms. Phuong Thao was voted by Forbes as the self-made female billionaire of Southeast Asia. The businesswoman is famous for bringing the dream of flying to millions of people from Vietjet Air. But finance – banking is the main specialty, the passionate field of female billionaires. Her hallmark in financial career is imprinted with the journey of maturity of HDBank.

Female CEO in her younger years associated with the image of a small, feminine girl. She became a PhD in economics at the age of 27 after undergoing training from 3 universities in finance, credit, banking, economics and modern arts. Billionaire Phuong Thao is admired from the business days in the country of Bach Duong and the time of returning to her home country.

Before becoming a major shareholder of HDBank, she used to be the founder and administrator of Techcombank and VIB. Her success affirms the contribution of a generation of dynamic private enterprises in the economy, which is also a pride of Vietnamese intellect and creativity on international financial and banking maps and the market. integration school.

Famous for big accomplishments, busy and rarely appears in conferences, seminars, but she often spends time with forums with the participation of many young people and students. She cares about the young generation of Vietnam from the development of the program “Wings of Love”, each year to award a series of scholarships to encourage poor students to go to school, and give warm clothes to children in remote areas.

The entrepreneur has built 10 years of intellectual sports through HDBank international chess tournament, since that arena has made the success of Vietnam’s famous players such as Quang Liem, Truong Son, with chess and Futsal HDBank football to improve and improve the physical fitness of young Vietnamese people.

Billionaire Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao inspires and lights up the desire to succeed, the spirit of business optimism for generations of students, domestic and international students. Specifically, through the talk meetings with schools such as the Royal London School, Harvard Business School, the MBA students of Tuck Business School at Dartmouth University …

Leading more than 30,000 officials and employees, Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is the captain who helps them trust and develop their business philosophy. Enterprises aim at civilized values, creating jobs, happiness and advancing for employees, developing businesses to better serve customers, contribute to the budget, develop the economy for a community. civilized, nice.