Feed 160 million cat, eat chicken liver pate, oat nutrition

But recently, the Black Golden cat hobby is quite similar to the cats that are very popular, though their price is up to several tens or several hundred million.
Black Golden cats imported directly from foreign countries have been a very hot hobby for more than a year.If you have never met, many people will think that it is Vietnamese cats, because the black and yellow fur color is quite However, it must be really passionate people to dare to spend money to own it.

Because the cats in the cheap form also cost $ 2,000, equivalent to nearly 50 million. Not to mention shipping costs about 400 USD from abroad.

If not, then cat players can look to the Black Golden cats to breed in Vietnam. Although only half the price of imported cats, it was about VND 20 million.

“Trot” passionate about this cat more than a year, Nguyen Duc Thinh (Tho Lao slope, Hanoi) has “baked” nearly 200 million on these cats. However, Thinh has no intention of stopping. again, but also to open a Black Golden cat farm to satisfy the hobby and also to gather people with the same passion and interests.
Recalling more than 1 year ago, when he just saw this strange cat, Mr. Thinh immediately spent 20 million VND to own a kitten.

“At that time, I only bought it because of my passion, not my intention to do business. But the more I play, the more I want to increase the number and I want to open a cat farm to interact and create conditions for other enthusiasts, ”Mr. Thinh said.

Careful care, more than 1 year later, the first cat he bought Thinh has paid 30 million. However, Mr. Thinh still has no intention of selling, partly because of his love, partly because its value has now doubled.

Realizing the great business value, Mr. Thinh was determined to buy a few more of the same breeds and imported 2 Black Golden cats from abroad for $ 3,000 / head. This will be the pair of cats Thinh plans to start a cat farm next year. Because they are all cats winning prizes at foreign competitions and have 5 generations of genealogy very full.

Because of a very detailed origin and a well-known overseas, their price including shipping costs up to nearly 160 million VND.

The pair of cats Thinh imported from overseas cost many times more than the cats that had previously been bought because, they are Black Golden cats NY12 code. This is the cat code that the World Cat Association regulates for cats with a rare color. The birth rate for cats of that color is very low, so their prices will be higher than other colored codes.

“Not to mention, Black Golden is the most difficult cat to play in the line. For example, two cats are identical, but one with a pink foot pad will be three times more expensive than one with a black foot pad. Or the eye color must be 100% green to be valuable, ”said Thinh.

It cost hundreds of millions of dong to own a pair of precious cats, but according to people specializing in importing cats, this is still a “mediocre”. copper.

High value, so the care of this breed must also be very picky and careful. Because according to Ms. Tran Thuy Duong (Ho Chi Minh City), a person with decades of experience in foreign cats, Vietnamese weather is very easy to cause cats to have mushrooms. Therefore, regular sterilization with water disinfects items and their habitats.

“Because if you raise a cat in a herd, just one infected person will make the whole herd sick. More risky, can die the whole herd if not taken care of. Moreover, if the weather is not guaranteed, cats must be kept in air-conditioned rooms with appropriate temperature and humidity, ”Ms. Duong shared.

Tending hard again costs a lot, because these imported cats have a quite “luxurious” diet. In particular, six cats, a month, also “consumed” Mr. Thinh’s amount of 6.4 million dong. .

This includes the money for nutritious flour to stimulate eating for fast fat cats, calcium once daily for use, beef fat, functional foods, … and money for nuts, pates is the most expensive.

If there were no other businesses that brought in the main revenue, Mr. Thinh would not dare to think about playing cats, let alone business.

Very difficult, but if the kitten is beautiful, its value is worth it. Therefore, many young people who love cats are also willing to spend money to buy Black Golden cats to breed. If lucky kitten healthy, after 2 months can sell as low as 20 million / child.