Evaluate the doctor on the screen in front of the clinic

After a dermatological examination, patients assessed the quality of the doctor by choosing a symbolic face of 5 levels of “very dissatisfied” to “satisfied”.

Dr. Nguyen Trong Hao, Director of Ho Chi Minh City Dermatology Hospital, said the hospital has implemented an assessment of patient satisfaction with doctors on touch screens online since November. Respondents are placed at the door of each clinic.

The levels include very satisfied, satisfied, normal, unhappy, very dissatisfied. After evaluation, the results will be transferred directly to the server. The survey results will be summarized every month so that the management can reward or remind doctors in medical examination and treatment.

According to Dr. Hao, this application can make some doctors feel pressured at work. However, the patient’s assessment will help doctors self-adjust to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment. Experience and satisfaction of patients is one of the most important factors that make the hospital quality.

In order to help patients more convenient in health insurance examination, the hospital has developed a clip of a 6-step process, from the time of registration to receiving medicine. The clip is continuously shown in the health insurance examination area as well as propagated through the hospital’s media channels.