Eating gotu kola detoxifies and detoxifies

Spinach got juice and rub hot fever, prevent pimples, or mix coconut milk to drink refreshment and heat.

Pennywort is also known as Tich Tuyet Thao, Lien Tien Thao, Phac it (Thai people), Phtao Insert (Tay people) and Tang grandchildren (Dao people). Scientific name Centella asiatica Urban, belonging to the canopy family – Apiaceae. Cows grow in roots, with small, slender stems, slightly hairy when young. The leaves grow at the base or in the 2-3 leaves, petioles are 2-4 cm long. The leaf blade is slightly kidney-shaped, smooth, with 5-9 veins, and cat-ear-edged. Flowers grow in the middle of leaves and at the base. Petals are red or purple, with flat black fruits, with edges. Seeds are sticky with pods.

Pennywort grows wild in humid places, used raw, pickled, boiled or cooked. In the South, Pennywort is blended with sugar to make a beverage.

Doctor Bui Dac Sang, from the Academy of Science and Technology, said that the chemical and nutritional composition of gotu kola consists of 88.2% water, 3.2% protein, 1.8% glucid, cellulo 4.5. %, total minerals 2.3%. Mineral salts: Ca 29 mg%, P 2.4 mg%, Caroten 2.6 mg%, Vitamin C 37 mg%. Every 100 g of pennywort provides 21 calories.

Pennywort is bitter, slightly sweet, cool, cooling effect, detox, anti-infection, anti-toxic, diuretic. Cheeky cheeks treat biliary colic and measles, runny nose, pharyngitis, tracheitis, urinary tract diseases and stones. People with poisoned leaves, poisonous mushrooms, arsenic, snake bites, pimples, itchy sores, wounds, eat pennywort very well.

Herbal remedies from gotu kola

Pennywort clean, grind the juice mixed with coconut milk to drink refreshment, heat.

Gotu kola took drinking water and rubbed, applied on the outside, cooling effect, treating fever, seizures, itch, sores. Sac a handful of pennywort drink to treat upset stomach, hot intestine, lower abdominal pain, anorexia, orange heat, toxic swelling, pimples itching sores.

Pennywort (a handful), sam (a handful), manioc 30 g pounded together, add cooked water, take water or decoction drink. This remedy relieves fever, thirst, headache, red urine, hot skin, poor appetite, rashes, pregnant women with impatience, abdominal pain, and defecation.

Pennywort 250 g with water spinach 250 g crushed, mixed boiling water, great-grandchildren drinking water to detoxify effects (finger leaves, poisonous mushrooms, arsenic …).

Pennywort 30 g with black grass pot 15 g and 15 g starve fire burning, excellent drink cure root bleeding, epistaxis, haemorrhage, haematuria …

Fresh pennywort (amount depending on use) is pounded with fresh liquid or excellent for treating cough, urination, and urination.

Pennywort, powdered, drink 2 teaspoons in the morning to treat lymphatic air, dysmenorrhea.

Fresh or boiled pennywort eat and drink water as a milk benefit. Pennywort cream for topical treatment for long-term wound healing …

Herbalist Sang said that besides pennywort, there are also apricot pennywort, other names are Thien Ho Tuy, Tuy Man Thien, Pennywort, Pennywort. The tree has a sweet, light, slightly spicy, cool, treat infectious hepatitis and cirrhosis cirrhosis, fever, cough, sore throat.

The remedy includes: 30 grams of gotu kola, 30 grams of supportive effects, and treatment of infectious hepatitis and ascites. Gotu kola with 80 g of excellent color for daily treatment of fever, cough, sore throat.