Eager with the first pet loving festival in Vinh city

The Love Day event organized by Hanoi Cat and Dog Rescue Station – CPAPS with companion 2Vet Animal Hospital takes place on August 25, 2019 in Vinh City, which is attracting a lot of lovers. precious pets.
Today, while life has many different concerns and worries, we can easily catch many families who still take time to care for and raise pets as an indispensable member of the family. . Indeed, pets not only help bring joy, but also help members more connected, creating a happy atmosphere in the family. According to science, pets also help children have fun and grow better.

As the trend of raising pets at home is increasing, accordingly, health care services, pet shops and pet-related events are also rapidly developing.

On August 25, 2019, the first pet-friendly event took place in Vinh City, organized by the Center of Pet Animal Protections and Hanoi. Studies – CPAPS with its companion 2Vet Animal Hospital – The 2Vet Animal Health System is receiving a lot of attention from the Pet Lovers Association.

Here, all dogs and cats will receive comprehensive health care from an experienced team of doctors at 2Vet Animal Hospital at extremely preferential prices, including:

  • Vaccination of infectious diseases, rabies vaccination, bleaching and prevention of internal – external parasites: helminths, ticks, scabies …
  • Sterilization by breed
  • Ear canal examination, abdominal examination, and full body skin exam
  • Blood tests, tests to detect ear and skin diseases
  • Pregnancy ultrasound, ultrasound screening for reproductive diseases, bladder stones …

In addition, there are many interesting gifts for pets to attend.

Detailed information about Loving Events in August 2019

Please note that the program of Love Day takes place all day on August 25, 2019 from 8 am to 18 pm at 2Vet Nghe An – Số 122 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Quang Trung Ward, Vinh City with Unlimited number of pets. Please text at Fanpage 2Vet Nghe An here with the syntax: “Customer name – Pet name – Dog / cat – Male / female sterilization – Phone number” or call hotline 0238 355 5565 – 096 165 8126 to register .

It is known that this is not the first time 2Vet Animal Hospital has participated in pet events. The most recent is the Hachiko Festival in Hanoi on August 11, 2019. Here, the pet will meet 2Vet doctor with free rabies vaccination service and receive extremely attractive service vouchers. In addition, 2Vet also creates a social playground for pets with a fun Pet Competion contest with a prize value of up to 5 million.

Some information about 2Vet Animal Hospital – 2Vet Animal Health System

As one of the most prestigious veterinary system in TOP 10 in Hanoi. Established in November 2011, 2Vet has so far included 8 branches and 80 doctors and doctors from all over Vietnam. Coming to the 2Vet veterinary system, your pet will be provided with comprehensive and safe healthcare solutions including: Pet Hospital, Petshop, Spa & Grooming, Hotel and Pet Consulting.

Right from the first days of establishment, the 2Vet Veterinary system has been shaped to become a leading pet system in Vietnam with the image of Prestige – Quality – Pioneer. 2Vet’s mission is to promote humanity in the pet industry, contributing to the development and enhancement of the role of the pet industry in modern society.