Dogs, cats, raccoons, pigs, foxes … all have the opportunity to become billionaires. Behind these adorable photos online, they can bring in millions of dollars to their owners.

Pets that own cute and likable looks will quickly gain popularity. Below is a list of 10 famous super rich pets that are like a money machine.

  1. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is one of the most popular pet on the internet with its always grimace and discomfort. Grumpy has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, surpassing many Hollywood stars.

The owner of Grumpy Cat is Tabatha Bundesen. According to Business Insider, she founded Grumpy Cat Limited, a US $ 100 thousand company. Bundesen used to be a waitress and Grumpy was just a cat suffering from dwarf cats, which gave birth to a distinctive face.

  1. Doug The Pug
    Doug is considered a phenomenon of social networks. Doug was created by an owner, Leslie Mosier, a graphic designer for an Instagram account. Thanks to that, Doug has become famous with 3.8 million followers and is very active in posting pictures daily.

Leslie Moiser then gave up her job to specialize in managing pet accounts. Besides sponsored posts followers can also buy coloring books, mugs, shirts and more.

Although he didn’t know exactly how much Doug made, Leslie bought a beautiful new home.

  1. Crusoe The Dachshund

Crusoe is a Dachshund breed dog. Crusoe is famous for adventure videos and has over 700,000 followers on Instagram.

It’s not clear how much money the Crusoe dog makes, but it’s enough to hire a pet manager. The manager is responsible for managing Crusoe’s account as well as negotiating advertising contracts.

  1. Choupette

Choupette is not only a famous cat on Instagram but also a famous star in the fashion industry. Choupette cats were raised by legendary Karl Lagerfeld, designer of high-end fashion brands such as Chanel and Fendi. The German designer loves his pet so much that he wants to make sure Choupette will be fine after his death.

Choupette received a $ 3 million inheritance.

Choupette enjoys a sumptuous life, manicuring every week, helping with a personal job and earning millions of dollars each year. Choupette has nearly 300,000 followers on social accounts.

  1. Mr. Burns (A.K.A TUNA)

The dog’s real name is Mr. Burns, also you may know as Tuna. The dog has more than 3 million followers on Instagram. The owner of Mr. Burns is Courtney Dasher. After Mr. In the famous Burns, Dasher continues his daily work but starts selling Tuna T-shirts and mugs. However, shortly after touring with the dog, Dasher decided to turn it into the main job. Now, Mr. Burns is the main income of the family.

  1. Jimmy Choo

When Rafael Mantesso turned 30 and his wife left him. At that time, Mantesso lived in an apartment and had only a dog named Jimmy Choo as a friend, named after his favorite shoe brand.

To forget the sadness, Mantesso started posting pictures of his dog, combined with some artwork. In 2016, Ashton Kutcher posted one of the photos of Jimmy Choo and everything changed. Jimmy Choo has thousands of new followers and is the most followed pet in Brazil, his hometown.

Mantesso released a book with the best pictures of Jimmy Choo. He also works with cult brands like Porsche and Vivara.

  1. Pumpkin The Raccoon

Pets are not limited to dogs and cats. Pumpkin is an Internet phenomenon with nearly 1.5 million followers and it is undoubtedly the most famous panda in the world.

Pumpkin was rescued when he was only a month old and adopted by a family in the Bahamas, where he is allowed to raise pandas as pets. Pumpkin lives in the same house with two other dogs and they get along very well.

With Pumpkin’s popularity, its owner has released many products with the image of Pumpkin, including the book “Pumpkin: The Raccoon Who Think She Was a Dog”.

  1. Hamlet Pig

It’s hard to resist the charm of Hamlet Pig. Hamlet Pig’s owner is Melanie Rodriguez, who wants a pet that can help her overcome epilepsy. Her husband is allergic to cats and dogs, so they decided to adopt a small pig.

Hamlet is set up by an owner of an Instagram account to share his discoveries and daily life, with more than 300,000 followers.

  1. Juniper

Juniper is the most famous and happiest fox in the world. With nearly 3 million followers on Instagram account. Juniper photos are always full of happiness with smiling eyes. Juniper owner, Jessika, she adopted this red fox when she was only 5 weeks old.

  1. Nala

Nala is a beautiful cat with more than 4 million followers and by far the most famous cat on Instagram. It is hard to resist the charm and adorable image.