Doctors ‘find children’ for infertile people

HANOI Under the magnifying microscope lens, Dr. Ha observed the sperm tubes, choosing the largest size tube in the hope of finding a patient’s sperm.

The surgery was more than an hour under pressure because Mr. Nguyen Doan Cuong, 37, twice failed artificial insemination with sperm. Cause you do not have sperm by mumps complications. He went to see the doctor only to satisfy his family, he did not feel guilty.

This time, Doctor Ha was able to catch Mr. Cuong’s sperm. At the same time, Dr. Ha also conducted an egg attack on Mr. Cuong’s wife. The eggs were removed, combined with sperm found from her husband to create embryos into Thao’s body, starting the process of pregnancy.

“When I learned that I was pregnant, all the pain during my struggles to find a child and our hard work for treatment suddenly disappeared. day, “Thao said.

On March 17, 2018, Thao gave birth and gave birth to two daughters, named Ngoc Anh and Hong Anh. Two children become the joy of living every day of the couple. “To date, less than 7 months, stealing healthier, stronger. This happy home, I have never dared to dream”, Mr. Cuong said about his sweet after 5 years of waiting.

“It is the joy of the whole family, the surgery that I cannot forget,” Dr Ha continued.

Master, doctor Vuong Vu Viet Ha 31 years old, currently Deputy Director of the Center for Reproduction Support, Post Hospital. In addition to monitoring and supporting women who have infertility, Dr. Ha also treats male medicine and issues related to male reproductive health and sex …

Every day, Dr. Ha performs about 5 egg-prick, 7 cases of embryo transfer, surgery from two to three, even 9 days. In addition, he also manages more than 40 employees including doctors, nurses, embryologists, nurses … so he always feels short of “24 hours a day is not enough to work”.

In 2012, he graduated from Military Medical University and then went to Ho Chi Minh City to work at Cho Ray Hospital, majoring in surgery. Once, he happened to know that the Post Hospital deployed a reproductive assistance center. In addition to working time, he self-find more documents on the methods of in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination … to read. “The more I read, the more I read”, he decided to go to the North to try his new specialty.

“Having invested heavily in surgery, including time and effort, but reproductive assistance attracted me strongly, especially happiness when seeing sperm or hearing fetal heartbeat” Dr. Ha said.

At first, knowledge of surgery could not be applied, he almost learned from the beginning. Each process, Dr. Ha must spend time to explore deeply. Three months later, he returned to Ho Chi Minh City and continued his research on assisted reproductive medicine at the Faculty of Medicine at the National University, improving his skills.

In December 2014, he returned to the Post Hospital to accompany couples on the journey to “find children”.

Dr Ha said that 2014 was a memorable year because this is the first year he tried his hand at reproductive assistance. The first woman he examined and treated was over 30 years old. After 14 days of follow-up, the patient who tried to stick the test on two bars was quickly photographed and sent to the doctor. Too emotional, he shared his emotions on social networks, saying “It’s finally two lines already”.

Immediately, he received congratulations from friends “father already, congratulate”, “congratulate the couple” … because he mistook him as a father. “There are friends who still call for verification because they do not know they have switched to infertility, infertility,” the doctor said.

This is also the first year the hospital conducts an egg case for patients with polycystic ovary disease, unable to have children after three years. Initially, the doctor planned to operate, extracting sperm from the testes because the husband could not get it himself. “But, testicular surgery leaves a lot of consequences such as scarring, testicular pain and a low incidence that may not have sperm anymore,” said Dr. Ha.

For sure, he decided to deploy the method of freezing eggs, which was still a challenge for the hospital. According to the doctor, this is the first and most successful case of eggs. Three days later, the husband obtains sperm and is used with frozen eggs to create embryos so that the next month the embryo is transferred to his wife.

More than 5 years in the profession, Dr. Ha does not remember how many helped many couples get pregnant and have children successfully. However, many cases are still being monitored and treated. Typically the case of young couples, married for 4 years but have no children. According to the doctor, the wife had two pine ovaries, the uterus was normal and the husband’s sperm was in the stable range, so it was appointed IVF. However, after two sperm injections, three egg scrapings, five embryo transfer, the couple was still not pregnant. Currently, the doctor has not found the cause but the family is still patient.

“In this case, I will analyze the percentage of success if I continue but never refuse because refusing is to quell the hope of complete family.