Do not beat or torture pets

The Livestock Law 2018 passed by the National Assembly on November 19, 2018 has its own section on the principle of humane treatment of livestock, which takes effect in early 2020.

Specifically, regarding humane treatment of livestock in animal husbandry, organizations and individuals engaged in animal husbandry activities must meet the following requirements:

  • Do not beat, torture pets.
  • There are stables, breeding space suitable for animals. Providing sufficient food and drink to ensure hygiene; prevent and treat diseases according to the provisions of the veterinary law.
  • Establishments slaughtering livestock must comply with the requirements such as having a place to store livestock that are hygienic and provide drinking water suitable to animals during the time of slaughter.
  • Limiting causing fear and pain for pets not to beat and abuse pets. Take measures to cause fainting of animals before slaughter, do not let pets witness the scene of fellows being slaughtered.
  • Transporting pets must use appropriate means and equipment to transport pets, ensuring open space, limiting trauma and fear for pets.
  • Humane treatment of animals must be respected and harmonized with religious, traditional and cultural activities and approved by the social community.
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