Disabled swimmer from limbs

DESTINY Curin, disabled swimmer limb is the youngest member of the French national team to participate in the Paralympic Games.

At age 6, Curin was diagnosed with meningococcal disease, a rare condition that leads to blood clotting and tissue death. In order to save his life, the surgeon was forced to undergo surgery to remove the Curin limbs.

Growing up, physical defects could not prevent Curin from fulfilling his dreams. With extraordinary efforts, Curin became the swimming champion, the youngest athlete representing France to participate in the 2016 Paralympic Games held in Rio, Brazil.

Walking mature on prosthetic legs, Curin recalled his first time playing in Brazil: “This is an extraordinary thing”.

Before becoming ill, Curin was obsessed with water. “I used to hate water. I often didn’t take part in swimming classes at school because I was so scared,” he admitted.

This fear changed when he met disabled athlete Philippe Croizon at the age of 7. Philippe encouraged Curin to learn how to swim and to explore his potential.

“When I was in the water, I felt my imperfections disappear. Without prosthetics, without a wheelchair, I was like everyone else,” Curin said.

With his talent, Curin attended Vinchy sports school, 500 km from home.

In 2015, he and the French team competed in the World Swimming Championships held in Glasgow. A year later Curin participated in the Paralympic Games in Rio. He won a silver medal in the European Championship Handisport in the 200m freestyle swimming event.

He recently returned to France after winning a bronze medal at the World Swimming Championships for the Disabled. He will appear as a commentator for “Magazine de la santé” (health magazine) in the near future, discussing the power of sport to help overcome life’s challenges.

Curin also tried in the field of film. He starred in the TV series “Vestiaires” (Dressing Room) that describes the lives of people with disabilities.

In September, Curin modeled for a male cosmetic brand. This is the first time a disabled person has become the face of a cosmetic brand.

Curin said his biggest goal is to help change social awareness about people with disabilities. He has not used a wheelchair for the past 3 years and has absolutely no problems.

After the big contests, he said it was important to take care of himself. He spends time with friends, lovers and calls family. Curin hopes to become a world champion at 100 meters and 200 meters swimming someday.

“Disability is not a barrier or obstacle of life. I hope to inspire all young people to play sports, to overcome their own shortcomings,” Curin said.