Crying because the ‘disturbing’ salty night of the son and son

  • When writing these lines, my marriage is on the edge of an abyss. I am a helpless husband before his wife’s love for another subject – a poodle.

My wife and I have been married for 5 years. My wife, besides being evil, loves animals so much, she’s pretty, well-groomed and likes cleanliness. The day I first fell in love, I was fascinated by her gentle, pure beauty.

Getting a girl like that is not so wonderful. Therefore, dating, falling in love with her less than a year, I had to hurry to plan to pick her up immediately, lest others steal.
The first year of marriage, I was extremely happy. Outside of work, the son and son take each other to dinner, cleaning the house, together taking care of the trees in the garden.

Infatuated with happiness, I was moved to work away from home. In a forced situation, I had to accept and rent a small temporary house, visiting the wife on weekends.

Away from her husband, she was weak, so at the beginning of the day, she cried, complaining empty. I love my wife but I know how to do more. Suddenly one day, I returned to visit my wife, seeing that she was refreshed, excited and happy and worried, not knowing what was wrong with my wife, or when I was away at home, she went back and forth with everyone so …

Concerned with suspicion, I was startled by the sound of dogs barking in my ears. I turned around to see a dark brown, fluffy Poodle dog wagging his tail, barking hard, looking at me like an alien.

I – the one who hates animals the most – saw Poodle fluttering around my house, I intended to send her off the road immediately. But my wife showed up and carried Poodle to cuddle and cuddle.

Of course, in the afternoon my wife had to allow the dog to live in the house, I became the one who was “abandoned” by his wife. The tragedy of my marriage begins here.

I haven’t met anyone who loves animals as much as her. She took care of Poodle as a child, fed, bathed, perfumed fragrances, tied a lovely pink bow. Every time Poodle was annoyed, my wife rushed to see a vet, and when Poodle was sick, my wife became worried and lost sleep.

Not to mention, on the weekends, I was allowed to go home with my wife, and the wife took time to take her to the spa and take a walk. Wanting to have a romantic evening, I worked hard to order a restaurant, have roses, scented candles, special dishes, made an appointment for her to drive to the bar, to surprise her.

When I arrived, my wife hugged Poodle. The whole romantic dinner became a tutoring and pet care supplement, and my wife turned into an enthusiastic teacher. I almost choked out when she told me to hug, touch and smell Poodle to increase her love for her.

At night, the long-term nostalgia for my wife makes me want to spend the sublimated night with her. Coming to the climax, my Poodle in the living room barked loudly, I ignored my husband, rushed to see what Poodle was doing, and then carried me to sleep with me to monitor my health situation.

Needless to say, I was taken aback as if falling from the sky.

Angry at my wife, I left for work early the next morning, and she ignored it, never minding how angry or upset her husband was. All week I didn’t call her and she didn’t care. And every time I turned on the phone, it was like hearing that the song was making a storm in my house – “Poodle’s classy girl”.

Bored, I am determined to bring Poodle to another family when his wife goes to the market. When I didn’t see my beloved Poodle, my wife cried, searched, and the fight started because a dog started.

For months the cold war couple, she criticized me for being cruel, my wife forgot about my existence in her life. I’m sick, tired of work, she doesn’t care as much as a pet dog.

Perhaps I was wrong to blindly love and get married when not paying attention to personality and similarities in life …?