Check stroke risk for men aged 40

The ‘one-legged’ challenge helps to check the risk of future strokes, conveying the message of lifestyle changes to protect health.

“One Leg Challenge – Stand with one foot” became a new phenomenon on social networks launched by NattoEnzym. Brand representatives said the campaign attracted more than 60,000 people responded, shared videos and discussed on social networks. At AB Tower office buildings, Saigon Trade Center …, nearly 1,000 office workers join right at the workplace.

The challenge is simple and easy to implement

“One Leg Challenge” has a simple rule, participants will have to stand on one leg for 60 seconds, record and then upload on social networks, challenge 3 other people to do this within 24 hours. This has created a multiplier effect, causing the movement to spread on the Internet.

The challenge requires players to enlist a minute at work, standing on one leg like a yoga pose. However, many men have created more funny poses such as standing reading, jumping, bouncing ball, even singer Hoang Bach also dances martial arts, imitating the sleeping posture with one leg of a flamingo. …

Health test

“One Leg Challenge – Stand one leg” is almost for everyone. Kyoto Medical University (Japan) studied the effect of detecting stroke risk of this 60-second challenge on 1,400 people, average age to 67. Accordingly, those who do not stand for more than 20 seconds have risk of future strokes.

Standing with one foot is also recommended by the American Heart Association as a simple stroke risk test at home. The challenge has led many people who have never had a cardiac exam to startle anxiety about the disease suddenly and suddenly. Stroke has no early signs, it is difficult to treat, mortality rate and the highest disability.

Message to protect heart health at age 40

In fact, strokes often fall into the age group above 40, more men than women. Therefore, the “One-legged” challenge wants to convey a humanistic message, remind the four-year-old men to soon examine cardiovascular health, adjust their lifestyle, balance work time, rest, sharing pressure with your partner … to prevent stroke.

One of the first to respond to the movement, Mr. Tuan Kiet (41 years old) said that the challenge represents the knowledge of health and humanities of the community. From the time he shared the video, not knowing whether he would stand on one foot became his habit while waiting for coffee, chatting with colleagues or washing dishes for his wife …

“Every time I stand on one leg, I think of my loved ones who have died from a stroke, remind me to reduce drinking, less cigarettes, less about hugging home … 40 years old and still running the old way of life, then half for the rest of his life, it is hard to live healthy with the family and enjoy the fruits he has accumulated over the years “said Kiet.

The brand’s representative added that the campaign is contributing to increasing the awareness of the community about the dangerous stroke, increasingly popular in modern society. Not only celebrities, but also the office boss and young employees can also participate to spread the hashtag # Thuthach1phutcongso, #OneLegChallenge …