CEO McDonald’s was fired

Because of an affair with employees and a violation of company policy, Steve Easterbrook was removed from all his positions at McDonald’s.

Mc Donald’s November 3 announcement said Easterbrook “made an unwise decision regarding a recent relationship with an employee.” The position of CEO and senior director of Easterbrook is currently undertaken by Chris Kempczinski.

McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook is interviewed at the New York Stock Exchange, Wednesday, July 26, 2017. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

In an email to employees, Easterbrook expressed remorse for this relationship. “Recently, I had an affair with an employee. This violated company policy. This is a mistake. I agree with the board that it’s time for me to leave. But Hope everyone can keep me a little private, “he wrote. He also affirmed his time as CEO of McDonald’s is “the happiest years of his career”.

Easterbrook is behind the aggressive modernization at McDonald’s. Under his leadership, this fast-food chain has adopted electronic menu boards, buying artificial intelligence companies to improve the driving experience of buying goods. The company also focuses on the core menu, eliminating some burgers and reducing the choice of night food to increase productivity. The company is also quite successful with selling fresh beef burgers, instead of frozen meat.

Thanks to these strategies, McDonald’s revenue increased steadily. Its share price is now double that of 2015.

However, their business results in the third quarter did not meet investor expectations. The relationship between McDonald’s under Easterbrook and the franchise stores was also stressful many times, as these people wanted some changes, like adding a premium chicken sandwich to the menu.

Easterbrook is a visiting lecturer at Said School of Business at Oxford University. He was married and had children, but supposedly divorced his wife.

His replacement – Kempczinski – is also a longtime leader at McDonald’s. The company’s board of directors said it “strongly believes this is the best leader to set the vision and drive the plan, helping McDonald’s continue to be successful.” In an email, Easterbrook also said that Kempczinski “is the ideal person to take over as CEO”.