Cause of death of two patients after cosmetic surgery

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health concluded that 59-year-old female patient died after facial lift at Kangnam Beauty Hospital due to anaphylactic shock.

Ho Chi Minh City Health Department’s professional council concluded that on the afternoon of November 3, the patient had anaphylaxis of level 3.4 related to the use of anesthetic during surgery. The hospital diagnoses appropriately with clinical circumstances and appropriate handling steps according to the treatment regimen.

This female patient underwent a facelift at Kangnam Hospital on October 12, at night, with breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, was taken to 115 People’s Hospital, then transferred to Cho Ray Hospital and died on 10/14.

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City also concluded that a 33-year-old patient died at Emcas Beauty Hospital three days later, due to breast implant surgery. Accordingly, patients with respiratory failure due to subcutaneous pneumothorax, asphyxiation of pneumothorax leads to cardiac arrest, severe arrhythmia due to conduction block in the heart in patients with slow sinus rhythm before surgery.

According to the professional committee, the professional error in this case is due to the fact that the doctor has not fully exploited the patient’s history and has not fully assessed the risk. When patients have signs of cardiovascular abnormalities, the hospital has not consulted with specialists to find the cause and has not had a follow-up procedure so it is difficult to detect when patients become worse for timely management. .

Over the past time, Ho Chi Minh City has had many cosmetic surgery incidents. Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City is instructing districts to strengthen inspection and supervision of cosmetic establishments, not allowing unauthorized cosmetic services, illegal cosmetic service providers to practice, being too functional for … The Department will build reflection channels based on information technology, helping people easily reflect mistakes.