Boy with hands and feet skateboarding

US Through 76 operations to remove fingers and legs, Taylor Lewis tried to recover and move on his skateboard.

Taylor Lewis was a healthy and mischievous boy when he was 8 months old. On 20/20/2015, the boy had a high fever, trembling, came to the hospital, he awoke and was taken home.

“At first I was relieved. But what happened next was a nightmare,” said Terri Lewsley, her mother. At home, the boy was comatose, limbs pale and could not eat or drink.

Taylor was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis W. This is a dangerous infectious disease. Patients often suffer from arthritis or serious respiratory infections, which can be life-threatening. The doctor predicted the boy had only a few hours to live. Luckily, Taylor went into a coma 17 days later and regained consciousness. However, the boy was forced to remove his feet and fingers to ensure his life.

“It was the worst day of my life. Her legs were black, connected with many machines. I just prayed she would pass,” the mother said.

Not just a foot surgery, Taylor had to undergo 76 operations. Four weeks after he was discharged from the hospital, he recovered and was able to take the first steps. With a hyperactive nature, Taylor gradually dislikes using wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

“Taylor never asked for help or complained about her condition. But 10 months in a wheelchair is obviously painful for my child,” her mother shared.

In 2019, Taylor started practicing using skateboards. I was bought by my mother for a small skateboard, suitable for the body. The boy lay on his stomach, pushing his plank around with his hand. Terri said that Taylor was extremely independent during the recovery process. I use skateboards indoors and outdoors without the help of my parents. Taylor’s efforts surprised the doctors.

Now he can eat, change, brush his teeth and move daily on a skateboard. Taylor has just entered a normal public school, like her peers.