BMW ‘swirled’ Mercedes for Halloween

USBMW posted a picture of a Mercedes covered in a BMW picture with the caption “every car can dress up as a favorite superhero”.

The photo is a work of photo editing technology shared by the Bavarian car company on Twitter on October 31, on Halloween. The Mercedes E53 is covered with a canvas in the shape of the M5, along with a “rocky” caption.

It can be seen that the reveal is aimed at the mid-range AMG version of Mercedes. Accompanying the post is the message “happy Mercedes USA Halloween.” The three-pointed star automaker answered, “It’s beautiful, it’s a scary outfit, especially the new grille.” Mercedes intends to tease the new design of BMW, because on Halloween, people often dress up as demons.

Earlier, the BMW grille became increasingly controversial with the launch of the upgraded X7 or 7 series. Coming to concept 4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 everything was “too much”. The grille of the concept model is nearly the height of the whole front of the car and was commented by Car (UK) as two “looming” kidneys with a “weird” serrated pattern.