Beauty correction for a boy with a broken nose bone

The surgeon treated the crooked nose for 15 years for Dinh Nho Liem to reduce dyspnea and snore as loud as a saw.
As a child, neighbors and distant relatives met Nho Liem, they often pinched their cheeks and rubbed their heads with compliments “their eyes are too sharp and growing up will be very handsome”. Studying at school, Liem also engages in acting, singing and dancing, playing the roles of a teacher, he is warmed by his innocent face.

As a teenager, Liem knew how to do it, spread out his clothes with white shirts, and boxed them at school. Compliments about good-looking appearance Liem often heard from your parents when you have the opportunity to ask questions, do group exercises.

16 years old, Liem attended grade 10 in Ngoc Lac district, Thanh Hoa. Unfortunately, after school, Liem traveled by bicycle to his home when he encountered a traffic accident. “Pain, nose bleed a lot” is what he remembers about memories nearly 15 years ago.

Despite being treated, Liem’s ‚Äč‚Äčnose becomes crooked. “People use their hands to squeeze their noses, then breathe, how they feel about the nose after my accident. In the days of changing seasons, I have trouble breathing, sneezing constantly, almost unprofessional. mind can do anything, “Liem said.

Also from the day of the accident, Liem suffered from snoring due to deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum divides between the right nose, the left side, and the bended wall causing airway obstruction.

Graduated high school, the whole class organized a trip. So many times he was ridiculed by his classmates when traveling together. Knowing that, he waited for his friends in the drunken bedroom to lie down beside him.

Liem said: “One time my brother lost sleep all night because he snore. In the morning I also listened to the audio recording of the snore, loud as a saw. Later, when going to school, away from home, knowing I was at fault. so I just rented my room alone. “

Not only does he affect the people around him, he also does not have a deep sleep because his nose has difficulty breathing. He often loses sleep in the middle of the night, especially on days when the weather is very windy and the weather is unusually hot and cold.

The intention of a nose surgery, correcting a wall appeared in his head for a long time but due to economic conditions did not allow him to postpone. Recently, he is determined to improve his appearance, actively learn about reputable nose cosmetic facilities, accidentally reading information about the program “Rescuing broken nose” organized by Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital.

Preferential program, with free cosmetic surgery tickets for special cases. Liem quickly sent photos, stories, aspirations to change her beauty about the program. After a short time, the organizers called to inform him that he was one of the lucky faces to receive a price subsidy.

Through examination, test, CT scan, endoscopy of the nose and throat, the doctor said that this is a difficult case, the bone deformed nose, the deviated septum system is almost C-shaped.

In addition to conducting tissue and cartilage structural modifications, experts use ultrasound technology to cut, assemble convex and rough bones, re-align the axis, the entire partition. A representative of Kangnam Cosmetic Hospital said that with the complicated orthopedic technique, the doctor will conduct anesthesia for Liem. Because of the interference to the bone, the surgeon must be experienced and use specialized ultrasound equipment to accurately cut.

Integrally conducting surgery for rhinoplasty 4D ultrasound structure. After the postoperative period, his nose recovered. “I no longer snore, breathe easily, so I have a deep sleep. My nose is now straight as never been straight, health is better, free cosmetic tickets are like a miracle,” Liem said.