Aston Martin AMB 001 – $ 120,000 super bike

AMB 001 is the first two-wheel-drive model of the British luxury brand, only 100 were produced with manual assembly.
AMB 001 with many carbon fiber parts was born thanks to the cooperation between Aston Martin and fellow motorbike maker Brough Superior. The car name stands for two brands.

The paint is a combination of green and lime green – a traditional color on Aston Martin racing cars. Front rim and fork are painted black.

The saddle is hand sewn and made of light brown leather like on a luxury car. Leather wrapped on the steering wheel is also handmade.
The symbolic wings of Aston Martin are on one side of the fuel tank,

Vehicles from Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France.
With 997 cc engine, capacity of 180 horsepower, AMB 001 only for racing.
Only 100 units were made for $ 120,000. Delivery time is expected at the end of 2020
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