Apple’s vice president criticized Chromebooks

Phil Schiller – Apple’s vice president of marketing – said that students who use Chromebooks to study will “not succeed”.

“Children who really learn and want to learn will have better success. I find it difficult to understand why children participate in the classroom without applying technology in a way that inspires them. advanced learning tools to help kids really get the best out of it, but Chromebooks don’t do it, “Schiller said in an interview with Cnet.

According to Apple ‘s “honest sharing”, Google’s computers are simply “cheap tools for compulsory tests” in schools, even comparing it not by handbook. . “If all you want to do is check the kids, use a notebook,” Schiller said. “But they will not succeed.”

According to Schiller, the new MacBook and iPad are the right tool for the educational environment. Meanwhile, he said that Google’s computer is just a web-based testing tool and it does not support much in the learning process.

In fact, the school computer segment, an important battleground for Apple, is losing ground to Google products. The Verge said that Schiller’s comment was “especially bitter” and was surprised because Apple rarely did this. 9to5mac said it looked like the vice president wanted to show the world that kids can’t succeed at school without an Apple product.

Schiller immediately defended himself on Twitter. “Every child has the potential to succeed. When talking to Cnet, we discussed providing students and teachers with the equipment needed to teach, explore and develop. It’s not just is a test, “tweeted Schiller.

According to BGR, more than 60% of computers used in US schools are Chromebooks. They are rated as easy to use for students, teachers, comes with free software for education at low prices. Meanwhile, Apple products such as iPads and MacBooks are much more expensive, as well as forced to buy more copyright software.
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