Apple sets a record for corporate value

Just back to the “trillion dollars” milestone, Apple continued to set a new record of company value after the stock market last week.

Apple’s stock value on October 11 started at $ 232.95, then peaked at $ 237.64 a share before the close of the session at $ 236.21. With this volatility, Apple is currently valued at approximately $ 1.07 trillion, an increase of more than $ 70 billion compared to the beginning of September.

Apple’s high stock price is believed to come from investors’ optimism after the US-China talks on October 11. According to Apple Insider, the preliminary agreement from the negotiations is a good sign for Apple. It is likely that the company will reduce import duties on some products made from China.

In September, Apple just returned to the “trillion” milestone after the success of the iPhone 11 launch event. Analysts predict that the value of Apple stock could reach $ 247 in 2020, with launch of the iPhone running 5G network and the development of the service array. Earlier, in August 2018, Apple became the first company in history to reach the “trillion dollar” milestone. The company’s value continued to rise to a record in October of the same year, but quickly fell below $ 1,000 billion due to bad forecasts earlier in 2019.