Apple patches iOS 13.2 multitasking

The iOS 13.3 and iPadOS 13 beta update fixes RAM management issues that annoy users in iOS 13.2.

Earlier, users complained that iOS 13.2 had an error in RAM management, causing background applications to close themselves when operating in multitasking mode. This can be considered a serious error because it affects the experience on all iPhone and iPad models.

After updating the patch, some people said the device no longer had to reload each time the app was transferred. “iOS 13.3 beta seems to fix loading issues in apps or RAM management. I have 32 apps on iPhone 11 Pro Max running and they still work properly,” said user Aaron Zollo.

To update, users go to Settings> General> Software update, then press “Download and Install” below. In addition, this version can also be updated via iTunes by connecting the device to a computer.

BGR claims that Apple has tried to fix the problem on iOS 13.2, but removing the RAM management bug could have an adverse impact on the actual performance of iPhone and iPad, especially if users have too many apps open. use at the same time
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