An overview of Royal Canin dry food for dogs

Currently, in the market for dog dry food, Royal Canin food is probably the most mentioned. It is not natural that it captures this market. But during a long period of research, Royal Canin experts have come up with formulas to make the product quality and variety of items optimal.

In terms of product quality, Royal Canin dog dry food always has a system of recipes that blend ingredients according to a golden ratio. Since then, the dried food products for dogs Royal Canin always taste suitable for each type of dog. It meets all nutritional needs.

In terms of product diversification, the Royal Canin dog dry food has been geared both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, they respond to each breed separately. Vertical, they meet for each age of the dog.

  1. History of Royal Canin
    The main events of the company Royal Canin:
  • 1968: the company was founded
  • 2001: Royal Canin was acquired by Mars, Inc – one of the largest companies in the field of pet food production. Based in Missouri, southern Dakota.
  • The events that Royal Canin must carry out the operation of recovering dry dog ​​food in bulk.
  • February 2006: Recall dog food products due to their high vitamin D3 content
  • 4/2007: Recalling products contaminated with melamine
  • 5/2007: Royal Canin continues to have to recall products for the same reason.

From then on, Royal Canin gradually came up with optimal formulas. Product quality goes up, production stages are completed. That makes it one of the “tycoons” of pet food in general and dry dog ​​food in particular.

  1. Evaluate dry food for dogs Royal Canin
    a. Diverse product designs, suitable for each object
    Royal Canin was one of the first pet food companies to take the bold steps. They are directed to the needs of dogs, cats, … instead of to the needs of the owner.

Royal Canin dogs are always animals that have very special characteristics. Therefore, the nutritional needs and taste are completely different than humans. They classify Royal Canin dry food products by breed, age, weight and special nutritional needs.

And most, regardless of age, weight, or dog genome, all Royal Canin products are made by leading experts in the world. They work in dog food, research and formulate a “golden ratio”.

b. Evaluation of the quality of royal canin products
Depending on the type of dog, need heavy or nutritional needs that Royal Canin classified by food for X-small, Mini, Medium, Maxi or Giant. Along with that is a combination of age: Puppy (puppy), Adult (Adult), or Maturity (older). It can be seen that only with the combination of 2 branches classified in terms of age and weight when growing up to have 12 product categories.

Also not to mention the specific nutritional needs such as newborn dogs, new mothers, dogs like Poodle, Chichihua, …

For each age, the Royal Canin weight offers interesting combinations of the system with lots of nutrients. The dry seed is also adjusted to its hardness to suit the age of the dog. The main ingredients of dry food for dogs Royal Canin are cereals and meats, milk. The “golden ratio” combination not only brings nutritious meals. But Royal Canin dog dry food also meets the criteria of being a perfect meal. Because the taste of Royal Canin is also very appealing to dogs.

  1. So should eat dry food for dogs Royal Canin
    According to the official announcement of Royal Canin, each Royal Canin dog food product contains more than 50 nutrients. Of course, we cannot understand the effects of all of these 50 nutrients. But, surely, with an analysis of product quality, as well as diversification, will help us have more choices when looking for Royal Canin Dog Food.

Not only in terms of product quality, product diversity, but with many years of experience on the market, Royal Canin models in general or Royal Canin dog dry food in particular are very eye-catching. Money is also quite reasonable.

But above all, when we analyze in-depth, product quality is still the most important.

There is a small conclusion that you need to pay attention to as follows: Certainly the Royal Canin dry dog ​​food is not the worst quality, but it is not classified as high-class food. A good meal doesn’t always need expensive ingredients. The harmonious combination of high-class materials with available natural ingredients provides a great meal. Everything is balanced to give a quality product but the price is also very reasonable.

In general, Royal Canin dog dry food is right for you if you need a mid-range type of food. And presently, perhaps it is occupying a large market share in the market.