Alibaba is suspected of hyping up Single Day sales

The manager of a technology company in Beijing raised questions about Alibaba’s actual sales during the Singles’ Day (November 11).

In April of this year, Yin Liqing, a manager at Beijing-based software company Inforbird, shared an article on Weibo with allegations that Alibaba faked the report, deliberately inflated the Singles’ Day sales. previous years. This post has been deleted, but still spreads on Chinese social networks.

Singles’ Day (November 11) is Alibaba’s annual online shopping festival, similar to Black Friday. This year, Singles Day earned China’s top e-commerce company a record sales of $ 38.8 billion.

Liqing’s article includes graphs and arguments using mathematical formulas to prove that Single Day revenue is completely fake. He said that Alibaba’s linear sales growth during this online shopping holiday was unbelievably perfect, similar to 99% of duplicates over the past decade.

Peng Mei, Communications Director Single Day, cum Communications Director of TMall, a Alibaba-owned retail site, vowed to take legal action to handle the “sensational” allegations. At the same time, she posted on WeChat a photo of Liqing’s original article with the words “false rumors” in red.

“If you believe in the logic of netizens, you will have to forget your knowledge of traditional statistics. Do you think the world economy can predict or counterfeit?”, Mei wrote. “When creating rumors, you must be willing to take legal responsibility for that action.”

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma also denied that the number of single-day sales was inaccurate. “The 11/11 figure far exceeds the predictions of the Chinese economy today,” Ma said. “Wall Street expects 11/11 sales to increase by 20%, but a sign that China’s consumption is weakening and China’s economic growth is slowing. In fact, our sales are up 25.7%. Some people think we faked the data, but I promise everyone that every penny is real in today’s data and Internet era. “

Similarly, an Alibaba spokesman quoted Daniel Zhang, Alibaba CEO, as saying at the China Observation Forum last week: “No one can fake such numbers” by all transactions. are recorded by the system and “platforms are not capable of manipulating data”.