AirPods Pro has a ‘shelf life’ of about three years

Apple’s wireless headphones typically only have a few minutes of battery life after nearly three years of regular use.
Like the first and second generation AirPods, the new AirPods Pro will also have a “bottled” battery after only two to three years of use. But unlike phones, after a long period of use, the battery life can be only a few minutes, enough to listen to a song, according to Mashable.

Previous iFixt reviews also said that Apple’s high-end headphones are nearly impossible to repair themselves and replacing the battery itself is impossible for users. “There is no way to perfectly reassemble an AirPods Pro, unless you happen to work on the assembly line at the factory,” joked iFixit. The user then had only to choose to buy a new headset or navigate to Apple’s own service.

If you don’t buy AppleCare + premium service, you’ll have to spend $ 49 to replace the battery on each side of the AirPods Pro, and another $ 49 to replace the battery for the charging dock. The total for a new battery costs about 150 USD while the new purchase price is 250 USD (at the present time). With such a high cost, many people will probably choose to buy a new headset completely.

Even if you choose to buy AppleCare + insurance package costing $ 30, users can hardly take advantage of replacing the battery because the time is only two years while from two to three years, the status of the new battery is clear.