AirPods Pro Gold Edition costs more than $ 67,000

Apple’s wireless headphones are fashion maker Caviar (Russia) renewed with rare materials and priced 270 times the original model.

Caviar recently turned AirPods Pro into the world’s most expensive True Wireless headset, replacing most of the glossy plastic on Apple products with luxurious materials. Specifically, the case of the device is made from a single block of 750 gold (18K gold), with the logo engraved on the outside on both sides of the body.
Inside the box, Caviar retains a layer of original plastic of the device to fix the components, as well as allowing the box to support wireless charging. Due to being made of gold, the device is also much heavier than the 45 grams of regular AirPods Pro.

On the earlobe, the manipulator only retains the earplugs and air outlet, the rest are made of gold. However, its water resistance is no longer due to the transfer of new materials.

The manufacturing unit does not change the specifications of the headset, with the H1 audio chip, supports active noise cancellation (ANC) technology, and lasts about 5 hours of battery life.

With a premium design, AirPods Pro Gold Edition sells for up to $ 67,290, only a single version. “We want to create headphones that are based on fashion elements, elegance but still have the latest technology. AirPods Pro Gold Edition is a device with all those elements. It is a unique, luxurious headset. also multiplied, “said a Caviar representative. Also according to this person, the product has a buyer.
In addition to the AirPods Pro Gold Edition, Caviar also creates other luxury versions, with mainly gold and colorful leather. They cost between 1,310 and 1,540 USD.
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