A moving story behind adorable photos of the “happiest” dog in the world

Moose is an Australian cowherd dog, it always appears with smiling and lovely images, even, the owner even gave it the title “the happiest dog in the world”. But behind that smile is a very touching story.

The reason people always see Moose is fresh is because from the moment of birth, its skull has been deformed, along with Moose also suffers from many other diseases but it all only manifests clearly when It is 6 months old. Faced with these difficulties, many dogs can be abandoned by their owners, but fortunately for Moose, owner Jennifer Osborne still loves it.

Jennifer Osborne, who lives in Ohio, said she found Moose in a pet store in June 2016. As soon as she saw the dog with an unusual appearance with crooked nose, squinting eyes, mouth, skull then disfigured, she was afraid if no one conceived it the worst thing would happen to it. Jennifer said she felt extremely grateful to adopt Moose, saying that these traits were formed when the dog was in the mother’s womb.

In addition to his anomalous appearance, Moose suffered from a variety of other ailments. “He also has a seasonal allergy, daydreaming – this disease causes its eyelid glands to bulge out. Starting in April 2018, Moose also experienced major seizures – which affected his muscles. body and brain, every time it is the whole body it is twitching, foaming at the edge of the mouth. The worst time it experienced 3 seizures within 30 hours, “Jennifer said.

“Not long after that, we took Moose for magnetic resonance imaging to discover that it did not have the forehead, sinuses, many parts of the brain missing – especially the olfactory area – and a cyst in the area. disfigurement in the brain, “Jennifer recalled.

The loss of a part of the brain will make this adorable dog’s condition worsening, but the neurologist who examined Moose believes this will not affect its longevity. In particular, the most important thing is that despite this tormented disease, this dog is always happy, agile, as active as his brothers in the house.
“She is the happiest dog I have ever met in my life and I am grateful that it is mine. Moreover, Moose always behaves so you don’t think he is sick. He is extremely intelligent, has a diverse personality and loves everyone, especially his mother, he likes to play with toys but he does not understand that he has to share with his brothers. Moose knows he is a special dog “.

Although the cost of Moose’s treatment is enormous and Jennifer also has her own problems when she has a disability that hinders many of her work but there is no other way. Both must try every day. “With everything that happened to Moose, we feel so fortunate that he survived. You are a miracle,” Jennifer expressed happiness.