3-year-old iPhone is still popular in Vietnam

iPhone 7 Plus was launched in 2016 but still outsold many new high-end Android models launched in Vietnam

“This year the store mainly sells iPhone 7 Plus, almost imported about how much it sold out,” said The Tam, owner of a phone shop in Vinh Phuc province. No specific numbers were disclosed, but he said that for every 10 customers who buy a phone, up to 3 ask for an iPhone 7 Plus. This smartphone, despite being launched for many years, is still the item most asked by people, than the new iPhone or Android models.

According to a representative of a large chain of mobile shops in Ho Chi Minh City, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X are more interested than new products such as iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X / XS Max. In particular, iPhone 7 Plus is one of the mainstream models in consecutive months.

As reported by GfK, last September Vietnam market consumed about 1.1 million smartphones, of which, more than 8% are high-end smartphones of over 10 million. This segment has the participation of many brands such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, but large sales are focused on just a few products. In the Top 20 best-selling smartphones in September, there are only two products priced at over 10 million, the first is Samsung’s new high-end model, the other is the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB.

In the past three months, iPhone sales in Vietnam have continuously decreased but still maintained above 5%. According to GfK, Apple’s results are in part due to a phone model launched in 2016.